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The Blean

Canterbury & Swale's Ancient Woodland

The Blean - Beautiful preserved natural woodland in historic England

The Blean is one of the largest woodlands in England, situated in a beautiful areas between Canterbury, Faversham, Whitstable and Herne Bay

A collection of natural wood & Trees

A breathtaking natural woodland covering thousands of hectares of land, The Blean woods are an excellent place for nature lovers and conservationists alike. The Blean woods are managed by the Kent Wildlife Trust who help maintain the natural woods and wildlife in the area.

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Natural Wood

The Blean's Wildlife and Heritage

The Blean has long been established as an important place for wildlife preservation. It’s unique collection of natural forest, wood types with items such as sustainable oak beams being made, plants and more has long meant that it has a rich biodiversity. With wood accessories and sustainable wood types sourced nearby, there’s a lot on offer.

Working with local Tree Surgeons

We’ve teamed up with local businesses and Tree surgeons in the area and beyond to help manage our trees. Consulting with a tree surgeon Cardiff service and other local businesses, we’ve been able to achieve excellent results.