Wood Ants at The Blean - The Blean
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Wood Ants at The Blean

The blean wood ants have many different characteristics. They are territorial and social insects. Their presence and abundance is dependent on several factors including the number of ant hills, the availability of food and environmental variables in the region. Here are a few interesting facts about this ant species. Read on to learn more. Let’s start with the common name: Formica rufa. This ant species lives in areas of the Black Forest where many natural woods.

These ants are usually found where dead wood is available for nest building. Their nests are safe from predators and offer a stable location to incubate their eggs. These ants are social insects that live in colonies consisting of around a half million individuals. Most are female workers. They are easily identifiable by their distinctive yellow or brown body colour. Wood ants are also a nuisance and are a source of food for badgers, foxes and woodpeckers.

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