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The Benefits of Cedar Wood Battens

Cedar Wood battens

For framing and trim, Western Red Cedar Battens make a great choice. These boards can be milled to fit any timber profile, from horizontal fencing to slatted screens. They also make excellent internal pieces, due to their straight grain and lack of knots. If you’re considering Cedar Wood battens for your home, keep reading to learn about the benefits of Western Red Cedar. Listed below are a few reasons why Western Red Cedar is a great choice.

Transparent finishes offer higher protection from the elements

When considering a finish for your Cedar Wood battens, be sure to look at the natural oil content of the timber. Cedar wood is naturally resistant to decay, insects, and rot, but still requires some type of protective coating. The best clear finish for cedar is Linseed oil, which dries quickly and is both durable and weather-resistant. Most clear stains also contain linseed oil, making them a great choice for exterior woodwork.

If you have a limited budget, consider a semi-transparent stain for your Cedar battens. This type of stain will cover the entire surface but not completely hide the wood grain. It should be applied every four to five years. If you prefer the natural look of Cedar wood, a semi-transparent stain will help highlight the grain and knots. These stains are oil-based and will penetrate deeper into the wood, giving it superior protection.

Western Red Cedar fades and bleaches to a beautiful silvery-grey finish

A beautiful silvery-grey patina is the hallmark of Western Red Cedar. Over time, this natural wood fades and bleaches to reveal a regal silver color. This unique characteristic makes this type of cedar ideal for coastal areas and finishing projects. While it will take time to fade and bleach, this natural wood will continue to perform admirably for many years without the need for treatment.

If left untreated, Western Red Cedar will turn a silvery-grey colour. The natural rot-resistant wood will continue to look beautiful, although the colour will gradually change. When exposed to UV light, it will continue to fade and bleach to a silvery grey colour. However, if you want your cedar to look older, you can opt to leave it untreated.

Ponderosa Pine boards

Using Ponderosa Pine battens can be a great way to add a traditional board and batten look to your home. You can choose any color you want, and you can leave the wood unfinished for an authentic “old world” look. This soft wood is also easy to work with and sturdy enough to use in most residential applications. This wood has a very uniform grain structure and can grip paint without raising it.

This wood is usually kiln-dried to enhance its appearance and resistance to decay. It has a moderately soft texture and medium-large resin canals, making it perfect for interior woodwork. The pine’s smell is pleasant when working with it, and some people have reported a sour odor when they are exposed to it. This wood can also cause allergic reactions in some people, so it’s important to avoid it if possible.

Trimming Cedar wood battens

There are several steps in installing a new wall covering, and one of the most important is installing the top trim. Before you begin, you should measure the space for the battens and attach the top trim board to the wall studs with finish nails. Make sure to measure each batten separately and use a level to ensure they are straight and level. Also, make sure to measure the width of the battens separately and if necessary, use a level to ensure they will fit tightly together.