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How to Choose Cedar Slats For Your Home

Cedar slats

Whether you’re building a deck, fence, or just want to beautify your home with natural beauty, Skyline Cedar slats are the perfect solution. Not only are these slats easy to trim and maintain, but they also last a long time and have a distinctly cedar scent. If you’re wondering how to choose the right slats for your home, read on.

Skyline Cedar slats are easy to trim

If you are looking for an attractive and easy to trim alternative to traditional timber fencing, Skyline’s premium Western Red Cedar slats are the perfect solution. Western Red Cedar is the number one choice for landscaping projects and will naturally weather to a silver grey colour if not treated with UV stain or oil. Skyline Premium Western Red Cedar slats are planed on all four sides and have radius corners. They are available in two different lengths, 1.83m and 2.13m, and 16 pieces per pack.

They are long-lasting

If you are looking for a fence with long-lasting performance, you may want to consider cedar slats. Cedar is a good choice because it is naturally resistant to decay and fungus. It has a pleasant smell and a yellowish hue. Cedar is also attractive and won’t need much maintenance. While you will need to purchase concrete posts for cedar fencing, it will last for 15 to 25 years.

They have a distinct “cedar” scent

Although cedar is a common name for many types of wood, it can be difficult to differentiate between true and false. Luckily, there are some ways to distinguish them. Cedar slats are made from different types of wood, and both species have distinct scents and characteristics. Learn about the two most common types of cedar and which ones are best for your home. Cedar slats have a distinct “cedar” scent, which is often associated with them.

There are four species of true cedars. These trees are native to mountainous regions, with their leaves ranging from needle-like to spiky. They have reddish-brown bark and grow in full sun. They are planted for aesthetic purposes, but they’re also protected for their medicinal and spiritual properties. Additionally, cedars are used for windbreaks, so they won’t suffocate the interior of a house.

They are environmentally friendly

Whether you are looking for a sustainable building material or you just want to save some money on your next renovation project, you can’t go wrong with Western Red Cedar. These natural products are a versatile and high-quality option for your project. As consumers become increasingly concerned about their environmental footprint, the decision-making process for building materials is changing as well. It’s not always easy to determine exactly what your product does to the environment, but we’ve broken it down into five main categories.

First, cedar is extremely lightweight, meaning it will reduce your energy use during the harvesting and transportation process. Because Western Red Cedar grows so quickly, you can get 20,000 square feet of finished wall from a single tree. This makes cedar slats very green compared to other materials for roofing. Compared to fiber-cement paneling, cedar is also much lighter. So if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly shingle material, look no further than cedar.

They are a popular choice for wood fencing

Cedar timber is the best wood to use for fencing because of its natural oils. Cedar also retains its shape better than other woods. A cedar fence can last for decades if it is left untreated. The wood can be pressure-treated to prolong its life, but it may not last for the same amount of time as cedar fences. Cedar fencing is also relatively inexpensive when compared to pressure-treated lumber.

If you’re looking for a wood fence with a traditional look, cedar is a popular option. It’s naturally rot-resistant and contains a substance called cypretine, which helps repel insects. The wood is also resistant to insects and decay, and the lifespan of cedar fencing is longer than most woods. Cedar, however, is expensive to obtain and may require the services of a professional for installation.