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22nd December 2014

Swale Big Tree Plant

Message from Helen and Hannah of the Skillnet Group, Sittingbourne allotment team:

We are currently finding out who might like to come, so as we can set a date which suits interested people. This is the link to the Facebook event:

Please have a look at the list of locations below. If any interest you, then please complete the very very short form so as we have your contact details. It would also be helpful if you could let us know your availability, using the calendar.

Alternatively, email /

January tree planting: 
Broomfield Road, Faversham
Address: Broomfield Road, Faversham, ME13 7HD
Travel: 21 minute walk from Faversham train station.
Task: A short hedge with 30 trees, and specimen trees.

Briton Court Play Park, Sheerness
Address: Briton Court, Off Bridgewater Road, Sheerness, ME12 1BL
Travel: 28 minute walk from Sheerness-On-Sea train station, or 17 minutes from the High Street ‘East End’ bus stop.
Task: 450 saplings to be planted as a hedge

February tree planting:
Stockers Brow, Rodmersham, Sittingbourne
Address: Stockers Brow, Rodmersham, Sittingbourne ME9 0PJ
Travel: 15 minute walk from Tunstall, Cromers Corner bus stop.
Task: 4 specimen trees

March tree planting:
Spicer Homes, Bell Road, Sittingbourne
Address: Spicer Homes: Bell Road, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 4EA
Travel: 6 minute walk from ‘adj Memorial Hospital’ bus stop.
Task: 150 saplings to enhance wildlife and create a screen to the main road.

Very very short form, to tell us your contact details:

Calendars to tell us your availability:
Tree planting in Broomfield Road, Faversham in early/mid January
Tree planting in Briton Court, Sheerness in mid/late January
Tree planting in Stockers Brow, Rodmersham in February
Tree planting in Bell Road, Sittingbourne in March







If you have an event or some news that you would like to let us know about,  please contact us with details.